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Brokerage - Equity

The group is a full service brokerage house offering access to the equity market through NSE as well as the BSE, efficient execution backed by sound research and reliable reporting and post execution services.

With transaction volumes (on NSE and the BSE) in excess of Rs. 500 bln during the year 1999-2000, the group is one of the leading players in equity brokerage segment.

The group is recognised for identifying the trend, in TMT stocks way ahead of its peers in industry.

With a strong base at its headquarters in Mumbai and wide network across the country, the company caters to the requirements of a varied profile of clientele ranging from the small investor to the large institutional investors.

Brokerage - Fixed Income

Wholesale Debt

As a member of the wholesale debt segment on the NSE, the debt desk is an active intermediary in the interbank market with focus on Gilt Securities, Treasury Bills and other money market instruments.

With a view to further fortify its position in this segment, plans are afoot to acquire Satellite Dealership in the near future.

Retail Debt

With an aim of being a one stop shop for fixed income instruments, the company also has a desk to cater to the retail needs of corporate, trusts and high networth individuals.

The company is an active player in the primary and secondary market of fixed income instruments like Bonds, Commercial Papers, Certificate of deposits etc..